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Hand Push Floor Sweeper

  • R-950 Hand-Push Floor Sweeper

    R-950 Hand-Push Floor Sweeper

    Hand-push floor sweeper (Non motorized) R-950 hand-push floor sweeper can sweep roads, driveways and courtyards five times faster than brooms and dustpans, and instantly collects the waste into dustbins to prevent it from blowing away, simple, fast and clean; equipped with rolling brush and side brush, the working width can reach to 950mm; it also can sweep the large areas and corners quickly and completely; Integrated cleaning and storage, separated tank and dust design, easy to move at any time; cleaning, storage, delivery and discharge, all-in-one operation.
  • T-1200 Hand-Push Floor Sweeper

    T-1200 Hand-Push Floor Sweeper

    Hand-push floor sweeper (Non motorized) T-1200 hand-push floor sweeper can be used to sweep and suck together, suitable for cleaning such as dust, cigarette stubs, paper and iron scraps, pebbles and screw spikes; built-in vacuum dust-collection system, no secondary dust and waste emissions; advanced non-woven filter to reduce the use cost, free-changeable; generally used in workshop, warehouse, parks, hospitals, factories and community road; it is non-dust and low-noise when cleaning and can be flexibly operated in the crowd, light and compact structure, simple maintenance.

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