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Choosing a high-quality sweeper is a key factor to improve the cleaning efficiency of enterprises!

1. Work efficiency
This is mainly decided according to the width of the sweeper, now the market sweeper has a single brush also have a double brush, we can choose according to their own working environment. Generally one hour can be chosen to complete the cleaning task so that the performance can be evaluated during actual working hours. General workshop, workshop and shopping malls and other areas can be pushed by hand sweeper, and for large sports centers, bus stations, airports, driving sweeper is more suitable.

2. Strength and reliability
For example: the type of materials and construction used for the body of the machine, the frame, the scrubbing unit, the quality and reliability of the motor and other components, the electronic and mechanical devices, and the electronic maintenance. It is best to choose a roll-molded shell, as this material is the strongest at this stage.

3. The cleaning quality is mainly related to the type of scrubbing unit, the pressure of the brush plate, the type of the brush plate, the speed of the brush plate, the water absorption system and the cleaning agent.
For example, Shanxi Aimete agent Gao Mei GM-MINis type automatic sweeper, the use of imported motor and wiper rubber strip, not only durable, cleaning effect is also very significant.

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4. Operability
Its actuation is easy to understand for the operator, so that he can work in any type of environment, under any conditions, in the best conditions of high visibility. Now, with the progress of technology, the design of sweeper has become more and more humanized, automatic sweeper can basically achieve a key operation, people can mainly grasp the direction.

5. Operation cost, water consumption of electrical operation, and their related necessary maintenance process, as well as wear and tear of consumables, such as brush plate, needle plate, suction rubber strip.
The important thing is that the machine has all the equipment to take everything into account. For example: the machine is installed with a solenoid valve to detect whether there is a cleaning agent outflow, large motor suction is good, adjust the contact pressure of the brush plate, so that as far as possible according to the actual needs to adjust the mechanical strength; The basic adjustment process and routine maintenance are practical and simple; The electronic equipment installed on the machine is as simple as possible, so as to avoid the huge cost of maintenance of complex machines.

6. Security
Composed of precise rules, these are essential characteristics in risky environments and when the operator has to operate the machine in crowded conditions. The machine should be used in accordance with basic requirements, including electromagnetic compatibility in accordance with European application regulations, low noise; And the consistency of the relevant technical rules; All visible parts shall comply with building regulations and under no circumstances injure the operator or other persons; Machines should be handled carefully by trained staff; Finally, the machine should not be used on heavily sloping ground.

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