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Does the electric sweeper need routine maintenance? What should we pay attention to?

As labor costs get higher and labor becomes harder to hire, there will be a labor shortage at the end of the year. Before the large fuel sweeper used for municipal departments is gradually selected by the factory enterprise units, the difference is that the factory enterprise chooses more factory sweeper.
The factory area of the factory is relatively large, and there are more vehicles in and out of the factory. The industrial sweeper is a cleaning tool for the enterprise with a large factory area. But many enterprises do not pay attention to maintenance after buying the factory sweeper, resulting in his service life is far lower than the product itself should have life. Please follow Xiaobian to learn how to maintain the factory sweeper.


First, do not use a small sweeper in a humid environment, so as not to affect the use of the motor damp. In daily cleaning, small sweeper should pay attention to the side brush not to be wound by rope objects. If the cleaning is not clean, it will cause the motor to heat because of the high load, thus affecting the service life of the motor. If it is serious, it will directly burn the motor.
Two, regularly check whether there is debris in the motor, and clean it in time. If it is found that the carbon brush of the motor inside the sweeper is short, it should be replaced in time. After cleaning and sweeping the ground each time, the sweeper will timely clean the garbage and dust in the trash can to prevent a large amount of garbage or dust precipitation from affecting the next cleaning effect;
Three, we should regularly clean the filter of the sweeper, to prevent dust from affecting the normal cleaning effect of the sweeper, after the use of the sweeper should be cleaned in time, so as not to lead to the normal use of the sweeper. Electric sweeper is widely used in factories, workshops and other public areas.
In addition to car maintenance, the battery is also an important part of the sweeper, also need maintenance.
Pay attention to battery maintenance for extended factory sweeper. Enterprises and institutions should designate a person responsible for the industrial electric sweeper, for the use of industrial electric sweeper every day after timely charging, each time full of points before use. In particular, it should be noted that the newly bought factory electric sweeper can only be charged for 12 hours before the battery itself can be released to Z, which is similar to the new mobile phone that has to be charged for a long time to ensure the use of the battery.
Factory sweeper has cleaning, vacuuming and spraying triple effect, in order to good effect, now the industrial electric sweeper as far as possible to use atomization dust, that is to say, industrial electric sweeper generally has the function of water spraying, but to avoid motor burning, try not to work in rainy days.
The above is a summary of some small knowledge about the daily maintenance of the factory sweeper, although the sweeper is not vulnerable equipment, but we also need to maintain the use of correct operation, because what machine can not withstand the long-term wrong operation, all need to maintain.

Post time: Aug-23-2022

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