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How much does an electric sweeper cost, and what value and advantages does it bring?

It is one of the main environmental sanitation equipment. It cleans roads, recycles and transports garbage, cleans dust from roads and purifies air media. It is widely used in our country and also enjoys great popularity abroad. How much does this little sweeper cost?
About the small sweeper, we should be familiar with. In the outdoor we often see small sweeper, small size cleaning effect is good. The price of a small sweeper is 20,000 to 60,000 yuan, and the specific price needs to be determined according to the model. The original purpose of our purchase of the sweeper is to clean the ground garbage and save costs. We hope to buy a small sweeper to use it for several years and create more value for the company. It requires our daily maintenance of the sweeper.

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Regularly check the wheel, battery plug, motor and other important parts of the driving sweeper, whether the screw is loose, deformation and other phenomena occur, so as to avoid the use of the process of failure; Check or maintain the machine once a week or every month, and make a good record to ensure that the driving type sweeper can be used normally, do not repair without permission to find problems, to avoid greater losses.
After the completion of the cleaning work, the dustbin and dust device in a timely manner to dump clean and clean the filter, to prevent the occurrence of sweeping the car is blocked, affect the next cleaning, check whether the power is sufficient, if not enough please charge in time, check whether the connection is overheating when charging, each normal charging in about 6 hours. After cleaning the equipment, wipe the body of the sweeper with a dry cloth and place the sweeper in a clean, non-humid environment until the next use.
Friends who have used the sweeper know that the sweeper wearing parts is the brush, the brush here includes the roller brush at the bottom of the body (generally long cylindrical), also including the side brush in front of the body (like a disk brush). We in the factory workshop or road cleaning work, inevitably encounter rope type things, so every day after the use of the sweeper to check the sweeper brush has not been tied to the winding, to prevent motor burn out.
For enterprises with more dust, the sweeper we choose to periodically shake dust, and the button of the control panel of the sweeper generally has the operation key of the dust. Generally 15-20 minutes of dust, and regularly take out the filter clean, generally wipe with a dry cloth can be. If it is too dirty, you can wash it with water, but dry it in the sun before using it.
For ordinary household appliances, we all know that long-term use should be carried out the maintenance of lubricating oil, and the sweeper is no exception. We buy special sweeper lubricating oil, regular maintenance of the bearings and braking system of industrial electric sweeper, to ensure that each bearing point lubrication without rust.
According to Xiaobian, you also ask how much the price of a small sweeper? The cost saved for the company shows that, on the premise that the price is important, the quality of the car body and the service life will affect the overall price. The company needs long-term use, so the overall cost is more important than the price.

Post time: Aug-30-2022

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