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Sweeper manufacturer teach you how to buy cleaning equipment?

In addition to the reform of urbanization management system and the establishment of long-term environmental operation management mechanism, it is necessary to gradually extend the scope of urban functions, further enhance the capacity of urban environmental infrastructure, and narrow the urban-rural gap as soon as possible. So the city's environment needs to use new energy sweeper to maintain, today sweeper manufacturers teach you how to buy cleaning equipment?

In order to prevent injuries during sports, most stadiums, school playgrounds and squares are paved with rubber pavement. Due to the large area of rubber runway, manual cleaning is difficult, so most similar places are equipped with a variety of cleaning equipment - new energy sweeper. Driving sweeper can be completely used for cleaning rubber road surface, and compared with other cleaning equipment, driving sweeper cleaning rubber road surface also has advantages.

In general, the rubber pavement will be covered by many fine rubber particles. These tiny rubber particles increase friction, and the soft rubber particles also prevent someone from falling. This is one of the great advantages of rubber pavement, but it is difficult for the cleaning staff to clean it.

And the driving sweeper in addition to the brush can play a role in cleaning, cleaning machine will produce a large suction, even the small garbage stuck between the rubber particles can also be cleaned. The cleaning efficiency of the driving sweeper is much higher than that of other cleaning equipment. A driving sweeper can sweep an area of more than 8000 square meters per hour on average, which is particularly suitable for such a large and empty place.

The sweeper can be operated by one person at any time or place, which not only saves personnel costs, but also reduces the pollution and injury brought to personnel in the cleaning process. Automatic cleaning saves manpower and material resources, clean the environment anytime and anywhere, with high efficiency and quick effect.


So how to choose the correct cleaning equipment. Let the sweeper factory to teach you some purchasing skills. First, according to the cleaning road conditions

Before purchasing cleaning equipment, we need to understand the ground situation of the cleaning place first. We need to look at the material of the cleaning ground, whether it is cement ground, asphalt ground, asphalt ground, epoxy floor or ceramic tile ground.

After that, it is to understand the specific size of the cleaning area of their factory, to determine the size of the sweeper, the situation of the site, whether there is also slope, bend, whether there is a narrow aisle, and to see if there are more small nooks and crannies. If you need to clean the narrow aisle, you need to use a small driving sweeper. If you do not know what kind of sweeper you are suitable for, you can tell the new energy sweeper manufacturer that he will help you buy the right equipment.

Post time: Sep-05-2022

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